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Friday, August 7, 2020

Cape Town’s brand new world record holder

A Cape Town restaurant is now the official top dog when it comes to offering the "Most Varieties of Milkshakes Commercially Available" according to...


Your beneficiaries could lose everything after you die

Writing a will is one of the most important things you will ever do. A legal expert tells us how to get it right.




The Rise of Skywalker: Every bit an epic

Don't listen to the jaded and bitter, Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker is everything Star Wars fans love.

Theatre: Shakespeare’s R&J – Pieter Torien Theatre

A modern retelling that needn't have been.

Beer: Devil’s Peak – King’s Blockhouse

Beer: King's Blockhouse Brewer: Devil's Peak Address: Woodstock, Capetown Availability: Year-Round What the brewery says:  Still our original IPA – still the King, Bask in the heady aromas and...


White Collar Boxing: Step Out of the Office and into the Ring

Despite being one of the world's most popular sports, boxing in SA has been on the decline since 2010, with fewer prize fights and...

Are vegan diets good for athletes?

The Netflix documentary The Game Changers makes some pretty big claims, but are they accurate?

The ultra-marathon without end has a winner

To runners, Big's backyard ultra is the ultimate test of endurance, and last night, while SA slept, it came to an end.

Five of your kids’ things you really should be washing

Raising a child in modern society most people are hyper-vigilant about potential germs and bacteria. Who hasn't seen a mother at a playground vigorously...


It’s official Tinder doesn’t work

The dating app was supposed to make meeting people easier, but it really doesn't.

Why bringing back the Northern white rhino is such a rare event

Artifical insemination is nowhere near as easy as it appears to be.

It’s possible you may never have to die

Some predictions say you only need to make it to 2050 if you want to live forever.

Is your phone listening to your conversations?

The technology certainly exists. Here's how to stop it.


We look at why this is a good thing, and just what it might be about.


Cape Town’s brand new world record holder

A Cape Town restaurant is now the official top dog when it comes to offering the "Most Varieties of Milkshakes Commercially Available" according to...

Fermented foods to the fore

A new series of monthly events focused on fermented food pairings is wowing food lovers.

The seven weirdest cheeses in the world

There are thousands of different cheeses and no surprise that some of them are weird.

Are Ricoffy, Frisco and Koffiehuis really coffee?

The first draft of regulations relating to coffee, chicory and related products is about to clear up the debate.


Jefferson Friedman on the Soundtrack to Harley Quinn

Episode 10 of the Harley Quinn animated series is out this week (31 January). And anyone who has taken in the animated slice of...

Do contestants on Noot vir Noot need to cheat?

Getting a song in just one note seems impossible, but a new study shows that under the right circumstances you may not even need the clue.

Comic Con Africa: More SA comics please

Relegated to a back corner of the convention Artist's alley was the real heart and soul of Comic Con Africa 2019.

New Star Wars trailer hints at key plot points

It's now near-certain a major character will die, but who?


Things you may not have known about Octoberfest

It's one of the largest parties on the planet, and yet we had so much to learn.

Unique places to recharge in Namibia

These are the places to stay that are as wild, beautiful and soul-refreshing as Namibia itself.

Man arrested for ‘misusing’ a plane ticket

The 27-year-old was picked up at Singapore's Changi airport.

Five money saving tips for international travel

Travelling from South Africa can be expensive, here's how to save some cash.