WINE: Landskroon Pinotage 2021

landskroon, pinotage 2021 lable

Wine: Pinotage
Vinyard: Landskroon
Address: Suid-Agter-Paarl Rd, Southern Paarl, Paarl, 7624
Vintage: 2021

What the Winemaker says: 

A medium to full-bodied wine with flavours of plum and raspberry. Hints of vanilla and oak. Soft mouthfeel and well-integrated tannins. This wine can be enjoyed now, or within the next 5 to 6 years.


Aroma: 17/20

Plum, vanilla on the nose with a hint of berru, suggests greater depth than the previous vintages.

Appearance: 7/10

Attractive medium, crimson, ruby colouring

Flavour: 36/40

Unfussy and simple pinotage that delivers plum and raspberry with hints of acidity and oak to balance the sweetness. The lighter presence of tannins suggests it’s more of an immediate drinker than the five or six years cellaring suggested by the winemaker.

Mouthfeel: 8/10

Medium-bodied and easy-drinking wine that makes the Landskroon Pinotage the perfect accompaniment to a heavier, more decadent picnic.

Overall Impression: 16/20

This is an excellent value wine that offers more complexity than the price point would suggest. You can happily take this to a friend’s house for dinner but don’t expect anyone to gush over it.

Total of out of 100 points:


Score Breakdown
100 to 95: World beater – Make a plan to try this before you die
94 to 90: Excellent – Drink this now
89 to 85: Good –  Thoroughly enjoyable
84 to 75: It’ll do – You won’t remember it
74 and below: Don’t waste your time