How to Actually Relax on Your Holiday

how to actually relax on your holiday or vacation

If you often struggle to truly unwind and relax on your holidays, you’re definitely not alone. Many people find that it’s not until the very end of their vacation, or even in the final hours, that they finally start to feel that sense of relaxation they were hoping for. If this sounds familiar, it might be time to rethink your approach to vacations. Here are some things to consider before you leave to help you have a more relaxing holiday:

Plan Ahead

It might not sound groundbreaking, but good planning can set the stage for deep relaxation. If you’re not frantically trying to figure out last-minute travel arrangements, accommodation, or dining plans, you’ll be in a better state of mind to relax. Knowing where you’ll be having dinner each night, for example, is one less thing to worry about.

Make Room for Free Time

Ensure your vacation itinerary isn’t crammed full of activities. Overpacking your schedule can turn your holiday into a job. While planned activities are great, remember to leave plenty of downtime in your plans. Free time allows you to do things you don’t normally have time for, like sipping coffee slowly, reading a book, or taking a midday nap. Don’t feel guilty about spending some time alone even on a family or couple’s trip – it can actually help you relax.

Stick to a Budget

A relaxing vacation doesn’t have to break the bank. However, poor budgeting can lead to a stressful trip. Consider all your expenses, including transportation, accommodation, shopping, and activities. Research the costs in advance and save accordingly. Avoid relying on credit to fund your trip, as this can add unnecessary stress.

AFK (Away From the Keyboard)

In the age of remote work, it’s tempting to check in with your job while on vacation. Resist this temptation. To truly relax, you need to set clear boundaries with your employer and stick to them during your time off. Be available for genuine emergencies if required, but let your workplace know your availability. This will help you switch into vacation mode sooner and enjoy deep relaxation.

Choose the Right Vacation Style

Everyone relaxes differently. If you find spooky movies relaxing, that’s your thing! Knowing your preferences can help you plan a vacation that suits your unique needs. If the beach bores you, skip the tropical destination. Conversely, if lounging on a sunny beach is your idea of relaxation, avoid planning a city-centric trip. Different types of travel meet different needs, so tailor your vacation to what makes you feel most at ease.

Pro Tip: If you struggle to relax on vacation, consider returning to a familiar destination. The novelty of new places can trigger anxiety and hinder relaxation. Going back to a place you know and love may help you unwind more easily.

Incorporating these strategies into your vacation planning can help ensure that you actually get the relaxation you crave from your time away.