9 Swimming Games the Whole Family Will Love

Pool games can really brighten up a summer day

Summer holidays are here along with the hot weather. What better way to spend time in the pool? By now though you may want to spice things up a bit. Well, swimming pool games are your go-to option, and they promise hours of fun for both parents and kids. From classic games like Treasure Dive to exciting activities like Sharks and Minnows, these pool games require minimal gear, ensuring you’ll have a carefree summer.

If you haven’t stocked up on swimsuits yet, don’t worry! We’ve got you covered with recommendations for the best suits for moms and the coolest swimwear for kids. Now, let’s dive into the poolside action:

Treasure Dive: Who needs expensive dive sticks or torpedoes when you have access to a public pool and a kid with goggles? If you’re a bit worried about what your little one might find underwater, simply take some coins and toss them into the water. This will give them a focus for their underwater treasure hunt.

Wishing Well: Similar to Treasure Dive, Wishing Well sends players on a quest to find coins at the bottom of the pool. In this version, players stand shoulder-to-shoulder with their backs to the pool, while someone throws a handful of coins into the water. The players then dive in, swimming to collect the coins before they reach the pool’s floor. You can let them keep the coins they find as a prize, or collect them all and toss them again for more fun.

Popsicle: If you’ve ever played freeze tag on dry land, Popsicle is a watery version of that game. One person starts as “it” and tries to tag the other swimmers. When tagged, a player must freeze like a popsicle until another untagged player swims under their legs to “thaw” them out. Remember to switch the “it” person occasionally to keep the game exciting.

Submarine Races: In this game, participants become human submarines and race underwater to see who can go the farthest without coming up for air. The key to winning is a strong start and efficient flutter kicks. Some players even dive deep early to maintain their momentum and stay ahead.

Underwater Tea Party: Grab your goggles for this one! Two players must sink to the pool’s bottom, sit cross-legged, and host an imaginary tea party fit for royalty. Pouring from imaginary teapots, stirring cups of imaginary tea, sharing lumps of imaginary sugar, and passing trays of pretend finger foods and sweets are all part of the fun.

Sharks & Minnows: While there may be a debate about where the minnows should start (in or out of the water on the far side of the pool), the rules of this game are clear. The minnows gradually swim towards the sharks, and at any moment, a shark can yell, “Shark Attack!” The minnows must then swim to the opposite side of the pool to avoid being tagged. Tagged minnows become sharks, and the game continues until only one or two minnows are left.

Octopus: In Octopus, the goal is to be the last swimmer unattached to the growing human chain of “outed” participants. It starts with one player tagging another, who then links arms with them, forming a growing swimming octopus. As the octopus expands and fewer players remain unlinked, it becomes increasingly challenging to evade the “tentacles” of players in the pool.

Chicken Fight: Ignore the odd name; this pool game is a winner. For this game, you’ll need at least four participants: two “bases” and two “chickens.” The chickens climb onto the shoulders of the bases and engage in friendly combat. They can push, pull, tickle, tackle, and splash to try and knock the other chicken off its base. The ultimate goal is to become the World Chicken Champion, at least until the next round.

Pool Tag Survivor: In Pool Tag Survivor, one player becomes “it” and shouts out either “dolphin,” “froggy,” or “submarine.” Dolphins swim on the surface, froggies swim in the middle, and submarines swim at the bottom of the pool. The player who is “it” closes their eyes and tries to tag the other players based on where they are swimming. When a player reaches the other end of the pool, they yell “Survived!” The tagged players then decide who will be “it” next.

So, there you have it – a fantastic collection of pool games to keep you and your family entertained all summer long. Dive in and make a splash!