5 Reasons to Stay at Home for New Year

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New Year’s Eve can often be a bit of a letdown. You and your partner get all dressed up, party at a club until your feet hurt, and someone gets into a fight. You lose each other right when it turns midnight, and someone spills champagne on your expensive party dress. We’re just saying, it might be better if you and your partner stayed home this New Year and had your own party. Here are our reasons why you should consider staying home on New Year’s Eve:

Save your money

The thing about New Year’s Eve is that every restaurant, bar, lounge, and club turns into a circus with themed events and food and beverage packages selling at exorbitant prices. Even your favourite neighbourhood watering hole will be unrecognizable to you. So, in case you thought you’d go out for a nice dinner accompanied by drinks in a group, you’ll have to shell out way more than you ordinarily would, and for pretty much the same fare.

So instead of splurging at a restaurant like the rest of the world, stay in and go out for a nice lunch the next day while the rest of the city is nursing a deadly hangover caused by an excessive number of shots of cheap alcohol. Since the prices will have returned to normal, you won’t have to elbow your way to a table.

Avoid the crowds

Everyone likes a good party, there’s no doubt about that. But of all the days in the year, New Year’s Eve is the one night you should surround yourself with friends and family as opposed to social acquaintances and strangers in an overpacked restaurant or club. Call a bunch of friends over, assemble a good playlist on your phone, order your favourite take-out, stock up the bar, and let the festivities begin. Game night is a good way to go—get your timers and buzzers out—and designate a shot to the loser in every round. From dumb charades and truth-telling games to board games like Taboo, there’s no better way to get the party started.

No awkward midnight kiss

For those of us in relationships, our options for a midnight kiss have sort of been chosen ahead of time. Besides that, we’re usually asleep long before the ball drops because we’ve already been there, done that. We’re tired now! Even if you’re not an old curmudgeonly couple, being single on this night, and going out is a game. You have to be social enough to snag your midnight kiss, and you’re on a timer that ends at midnight. It sounds fun until you’re living it.

No Stupid New Year’s Hats and Glasses

Who invented New Year’s hats and glasses? So unnecessary. No one wants to smash the hair they work so hard to situate just right with a pointed hat, or look terrible on Facebook wearing the date on their eyes. So why do these exist? Rather stay at home in your comfortable clothes and leave the cheap tat to those who will party at any cost.

Enjoy New Year’s Day

You can actually enjoy the first day of the New Year. If you made the right decision to stay in the night before, reward yourself by going out for a hearty brunch or lunch at your favorite spot (or book a table at one of the restaurants you’ve been meaning to try out but never got around to). Wake up bright-eyed and bushy-tailed—while your less enlightened friends are suffering from the after-effects of a night out on the town—and start off the new year on a good note. Most restaurants will be relatively crowd-free, and you won’t have to pay a heightened bill at the end of your meal.